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Bull Oak Capital is a San Diego Financial Planner located in downtown San Diego, California. We help our clients by providing Financial Advice and Portfolio Management services. We pride ourselves on providing an easy-to-understand business model, fee transparency, and excellent client service. Schedule a meeting with Ryan to learn more about how Bull Oak Capital can benefit you.


Financial Plan

A comprehensive financial plan should be at the core of any long-term investment plan. Investing isn't only about growing your portfolio. It's also about aligning your portfolio with your specific life goals. Whether it's generating retirement income, transferring wealth to future generations, or leaving a charitable legacy, your goals come first in developing an investment strategy. Ryan has spent his career in helping his clients define and plan for their goals. He can help you define and plan for yours.

Questions We Can Help Answer

1. How much money do I need to save before I can successfully retire?

2. Can I afford to retire while maintaining my current lifestyle?

3. What should my budget look like so I can reach my financial goals? 

4. When should I file for Social Security?

5. Should I downsize my home or should I keep it as a rental? How does this affect my Free Cash Flow (FCF)?

6. How do I build a real-estate investment portfolio? How long will it take before I break-even?

7. Is an income-producing real estate portfolio the best option for me?

8. I have a pension. Which annuitization option is best? 

9. How should I consider medical costs during retirement?

10. How much should I set aside for my kids college expenses? What is the best savings vehicle?

Investment Management

We provide 3 investment strategies for our clients: Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive. Learn more about them HERE.

The firm's investment strategy is the result of a year-long successful graduate research project at UCLA. The firm was created while Ryan Hughes was studying quantitative finance and working towards his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He set out to build an investment strategy that combined time-tested strategies used by some of the most successful managers throughout time. This is a common goal for many investment managers. Fortunately, Ryan had the benefit of working with some of the brightest minds in finance, both in academia and in industry.

Ryan worked mostly with his research advisor, Dr. Hanno Lustig, the faculty director of the UCLA Master of Financial Engineering program (currently at Stanford University GSB) and Dr. Jason Hsu, the Chief Investment Officer of Research Affiliates, a firm that currently manages $198B. The result of the project led to the creation of Bull Oak Capital.


Our Fees

One of our primary goals is to provide transparency in an industry that does anything but. As such, we believe that this is one of our core differentiators (along with our investment philosophy and our financial planning process). We show (and explain) our fees to our clients on a regular basis. And, not surprisingly, our clients love us for it. 

Our household asset minimum is $500K and our fee schedule is listed below. 


This fee schedule is based off of an "Assets Under Management" (AUM) fee model, which includes all investment management and financial planning services provided by us. As a fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), the only revenue we receive is directly from our clients. We do not receive compensation via commissions, product fees, etc. This means that we are not incentivized to buy one product over another for our clients. 

A lot of financial advisors that work at large Broker-Dealer firms (e.g. Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, etc.) have advisor production minimums and/or sales quotas that force their advisors to sell expensive financial products to their clients. Most of the time, clients that work with these advisors are unaware of the potential conflicts of interests. 

Bull Oak Capital is an RIA firm, which means that we are held to the fiduciary standard. We don't have quarterly sales quotas or other production requirements. We don't have to answer to big corporations nor do we have to sell their products. More importantly, we don't have any reason but to provide our clients with unbiased advice and with full transparency. In fact, as an RIA, we are required to do so. As such, our incentives are aligned with our clients, the way that it should be. 


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