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About Us

Bull Oak Capital is a top-rated financial advisory company recognized as one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation. We provide wealth management services to retirees, working professionals, and business owners in the San Diego region.

Our Approach Sets Us Apart

We take the time to design multiple financial scenarios to help you achieve true financial independence

We take a comprehensive, financial planning-led approach that considers your income, net worth, taxes, family, passive income sources, and more. By creating multiple financial planning scenarios, we can identify which decisions drive optimal outcomes. We feel that this is the only way to make well-informed financial decisions.

We construct our client portfolios based on rigorous market research, not client goals. At first, this may sound counter-intuitive as many financial advisors will construct a portfolio around a client’s life. However, their approach has a major flaw – the markets are completely extraneous to investor goals and needs. Put simply, the stock and bond markets are indifferent whether or not you plan to retire soon or if you intend to leave a legacy. The markets will do what they must without any concern for your life goals. Furthermore, those advisors that build a customized portfolio for each of their clients may soon have a major problem on their hands – they will not be able to effectively manage hundreds of unique portfolios.

We firmly believe that an approach based on research is better suited to client needs. Our investment portfolios are built on decades of market study and time-tested approaches. We can then offer 5 risk-tolerance versions of that portfolio based on the needs of your financial plan, ranging from the Aggressive Portfolio to the Conservative Portfolio.

About Us

Money Management

We provide five investment strategies for our clients, ranging from Conservative to Aggressive. In an effort to provide our clients with long-term portfolio success, we created an investment philosophy that focuses on three central principles: risk contribution, economic environment, and ETPs. The firm’s investment strategy is the result of a graduate research project at UCLA.

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About Us

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan should be at the core of any long-term investment plan. Investing isn’t only about growing your portfolio and achieving high returns, but also aligning your portfolio with your specific life goals. Whether it’s generating retirement income, transferring wealth to future generations, or leaving a charitable legacy, your goals come first in developing an investment strategy.

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