Money Management Fees

Your Best Interests in Mind

It is of the utmost importance that you work with a financial advisor that places your best interest before their own. As a fiduciary advisor, we do not receive outside commissions, trading expenses, kickbacks, or any other form of compensation. This is all an effort to ensure our clients are receiving honest financial advice. Learn more about the importance of a fiduciary financial advisor.

Financial Advisor Fees

Our fee schedule is designed to be fair and transparent. We want our clients to know exactly how we are getting paid, and our goal is to have happy clients that stay with us for the long term. We do not accept commissions or kickbacks for any products or advice we recommend.

Assets We Manage

Annual Fee

First $2 million0.99%
Next $2 million0.79%
Next $6 million0.59%
Over $10 million0.25%

While we don’t have an account minimum, we implement a minimum fee of $825 per month for our services. We don’t charge financial planning fees, onboarding fees, or other ancillary costs for our financial advice. Please view our latest ADV filing for a more detailed breakdown of our services and fees. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions.