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A good financial advisor can add the equivalent of +1.59% in annual portfolio returns through financial advice alone.


Our Financial Planning Philosophy

At Bull Oak Capital, we act as a dedicated financial planner in San Diego committed to helping you make better financial decisions. The better the decisions, the more likely you are to reach your financial goals. We are here to act as your financial partner and counselor.

Whether you are saving for retirement, building a real-estate portfolio, or just starting out, the principles are the same. How you earn, spend, and invest your cash-flow will determine your future financial lifestyle. We approach financial planning in a very scientific, data-driven way. We use a cash-flow based financial planning process to determine the best course of action you should take. When determining the different possible outcomes, we rely heavily on comparing different possible scenarios.

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Problem Solvers: Questions We Can Help Answer

How much money should I be saving? How much should I set aside for emergencies?
When can I retire? Can I afford to maintain my current lifestyle throughout retirement?
Is a 529 savings account the best option? How much should I be saving?
Social Security
When should I file for Social Security? Should I consider my other income types?
Inv. Properties
Should I purchase investment properties? How long will it take before I break-even?
I have a pension. Which annuity option is best? Should I take the lump sum option?
How should I consider medical costs during retirement? Does it cost more or less?
Tax Savings
What is the most optimal tax-saving strategy? How can I lower my tax liability while working?
Plus More
This is only a representative list of common questions. Please contact us for further details.

5 Stages of Financial Life

A comprehensive financial plan should be at the core of any long-term investment plan. Whether it’s generating retirement income, transferring wealth, or leaving a charitable legacy, your goals come first. Investing isn’t only about growing your portfolio. It’s also about aligning your portfolio with your specific life goals.


5 stages of financial life

Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning Process

The Financial Planning Process is a four-step process that is designed to get you on-track. Our goal is to not only show you the path to financial success, but to also act as a guide to help you achieve it.

Bull Oak Financial Planning Process

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