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Do you know your why? Consultant and executive coach, Darren Reinke, joins me today to discuss money, freedom, and the importance of knowing your why. Darren coaches leaders by helping them become stronger leaders by helping them win in competitive markets. Darren has enjoyed a career that didn’t necessarily end up where he expected. Instead of shooting to the top of a Fortune 500 company, he realized that more than anything, he really wanted time freedom and creative direction. After becoming a freelancer he struck out on his own and hasn’t looked back. Listen in to discover how this executive coach began to control his own destiny.

Outline of This Episode

[1:22] Darren loved his freedom of both time and space

[6:34] What is Darren’s earliest memory of money?

[12:52] Darren knows his why

[15:15] Being his own boss is quite an accomplishment

[17:28] Don’t try to follow someone else

Darren knows his why

Darren Reinke is an executive coach and consultant that realized that time freedom and creative direction were really his ultimate goals. His goals are what funnels everything he does. He has worked at Accenture and he founded Group 60 marketing. He also coaches youth sports and mentors veterans as they transition away from the military. For Darren, working is all about his ‘why.’ He knows that understanding why he wants to do things is not only important for himself but it’s important for his firm as well.

In personal finance, it is essential to know your why

Darren learned at a young age the value of being frugal. He was influenced by his father and his grandfather who grew up with post-depression era frugality ingrained in his psyche. Darren’s takeaways from this upbringing are to think about the choices that you really value. Once you know that you can cut costs in other places. He uses his values to frame his choices. He also lives in the moment while still saving for the future. Everyone has a hard time finding the right balance between saving and spending, but remembering your values can help you find that balance.

What is Darren proud of?

Entrepreneurship isn’t the smoothest road. Darren knows that it takes a unique personality to strike out on your own. He sees being his own boss as quite an accomplishment. He feels a sense of pride in starting his own business and in owning a home. Owning a home in California in this day and age is something to really be proud of. Knowing that he has built something out of nothing and the fact that he serves others gives him a real sense of accomplishment.

Forge your own path

What advice does Darren have for others? Don’t try to follow someone else. Everyone has their own choices to make. You can only do what makes sense to you. If you try to follow in someone else’s footsteps you’ll never be happy. Listen to this conversation to hear this inspiring executive coach discuss how he has forged his own path and made a life out of helping others.

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