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Market Update Oct

Tightening Conditions & Slowing Economies

October 11, 2018

Yesterday’s market pullback was a fairly steep one. The S&P 500 fell by -3.29% and the NASDAQ fell by -4.1% as tech names led…

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Us China Trade War

Trade War Between the U.S. and China: Nobody Wins

September 9, 2018

We live in a global economy where domestic companies are becoming more exposed to international policies and trade agreements. U.S.-based companies now receive more…

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Us Up World Down E

YTD Market Update: US ↑, Rest of the World ↓

August 16, 2018

Writing market commentary is a challenging task as it is tempting to jump into many different topics. There are many market influencers and many…

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Rising Rates And Flattening Yield Curves

Recession Indicators

June 3, 2018

Many economists and portfolio managers like to cite consumer spending, current GDP readings, and the unemployment rate as a sign that things are going…

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Rising Interest Rates And Its Effects

Rising Interest Rates and its Effects

February 25, 2018

After nearly a decade of speculation, interest rates have finally began to increase as inflation has started to pick up (about time). The impact…

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Dont Panic The Market Decline

Don’t Panic: The Market Decline

February 6, 2018

The previous couple of days have been volatile given the recent market decline. Within the past few days (Jan 26 –  Feb 5) the…

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How Does The New Tax Law Affect Me

The New Tax Law Changes Everything

January 13, 2018

If you’re wondering how the new tax law will affect you, you aren’t alone. In short, it means that your tax strategy is likely to…

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Will You Pay Higher Taxes Under The Gop Plan

Will You Pay Higher Taxes Under the GOP Plan?

December 8, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, according to our analysis, for those that live in a high income tax state, the proposed tax bills will likely…

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Should I Rollover My K

Should I Rollover My 401k?

November 16, 2017

Though clients come to Bull Oak for a variety of San Diego financial services, a common question we’re asked is “should I rollover my…

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