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Schedule a 20-minute phone call to see if we’re a good fit. While we are based in San Diego, Bull Oak Capital serves clients in all major metropolitan cities throughout the U.S. via a combination of in-person and virtual meetings.

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Who do we work with?

We are looking for excellent individuals who can benefit from our expertise. We have only three criteria for those who want to work with us:





You are a good person. Yes, this is an uncommon criterion, but we LOVE what we do and we LOVE working with our clients. Our goal is to keep it this way.


You have at least $1MM or more in investable assets or expect a large lump-sum payment soon.*


You are looking for a TRUSTED financial professional to delegate both your financial planning and investment management responsibilities.

*We implement an annual minimum fee so that we can work with those under the $1MM threshold. Contact us or view our latest ADV filings for more details.

Our 5-Step Process


Intro Phone Call

The first step is a 20-minute phone call where we introduce ourselves to each other and see whether or not we are a good fit.


In-Person / Zoom Meeting

This is a 1.5-hour meeting where we meet via Zoom or at our office.

During this meeting, we will begin by learning more about you and your goals. We will then discuss our financial planning process and our investment philosophy.

Note: We want you to feel confident in your decision to work with Bull Oak Capital. We are not salesmen and we will not pressure you to make a decision. After this meeting, we will give you time to consult with your family and to think through the decision.


Begin Relationship

Congratulations! This is where you become a Bull Oak Capital client! We begin by outlining the steps to establish the accounts and to put you on the right financial track. We schedule a Fact-Finding Session (3-hour session) where we use our mind-mapping technique to learn about your financial life. The core benefit of this process is our ability to run multiple scenarios based on your goals.


Financial Plan

After 4 weeks of creating multiple scenarios and weighing each possible outcome, we will create a custom financial plan for you. Know that your custom financial plan will include multiple scenarios and our official recommendations. It will include a breakdown of all assumptions, cash flows, and analysis’ for those who appreciate reviewing the details. We believe that financial advice is best carried out when it is backed by solid data and scrutiny. By the end of this meeting, you will be able to walk away armed with the knowledge to make strong financial decisions.


Ongoing Meetings

A financial plan is a living document. It is natural for a plan to drift off-target as time passes. Therefore, it is important to meet regularly where we can update the plan. We have an open-door policy where you can reach out to us at any time outside of your scheduled meeting, whether you want to discuss your financial plan or your investment portfolio. After all, our goal is for you to succeed.


If you are not quite ready to schedule an introductory call, no worries. Feel free to receive our monthly newsletter, where we write about everything from personal finance topics to economic policy.

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*Note that we will never sell or rent your personal information.

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