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How I become a financial professional - ep 5 (1)

Hi. I’m Ryan. Nice to meet you. Ep #5

There are many roads you could take to become a financial professional and my road was one that didn’t necessarily seem like the natural path to take. From a very non-privileged upbringing to enlistment in the Navy after high school, to a self-funded college education, I pursued the path that I felt made sense for me. It’s made me who I am and has enabled me to build a financial advisement practice that serves hard-working ...
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Is The Inverted Yield Curve A Predictor Of Recession Ep #4

Is The Inverted Yield Curve A Predictor Of Recession? Ep #4

There is a lot of talk in financial circles about the inverted yield curve and how it might be indicating bleak economic times ahead. But many investors don't understand what the yield curve is or how it can indicate future economic difficulties. On this episode, I explain what the yield curve is, discuss how predictive it is of recession, and explain why we should not be too quick to take the yield curve alone as ...
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featured image - podcast episode how do you plan to pay for college

How Do You Plan To Pay For College? with Brody Rosenfeld, Ep 3

If you are a parent you know that higher education is expensive - so how do you plan to pay for college for your kids? For this episode of the podcast, I’ve invited my friend Brody Rosenfeld to join me to discuss this issue. Brody has experienced his own college funding struggle first-hand, including graduate school - and he’s also walked alongside clients in making plans to pay for their children’s college. Together, the ...
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Featured Image for Podcast Episode titled How To Understand the Leading Economic Indicators

How To Understand The Leading Economic Indicators, Ep 2

Most people understand the basics about the stock market and the economy - but few people have a deep enough knowledge of the two to serve them well in making financial decisions. With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to outline how the economic cycle works and how stocks, the underlying economy, and the leading indicators can help us forecast what’s coming next so that you can make solid financial decisions. Outline ...
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9 Tips To Help You Find A Financial Advisor, Ep 1

 Did you know there are over 686,000 financial advisors in the United States as of 2017? That means there are a lot of people out there giving advice about financial matters and getting paid for it. Of course, that’s fine - but if you’re wanting to work with an advisor to build wealth, there are some things you should look out for. On this episode, I want to lay the groundwork for everything to ...
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